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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, and Chuck Norris in Bulgaria – PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Here’s another nice update on the “Expendables 2” action film. Reportedly, Bruce Willis has already arrived in Bulgaria, although there are no pictures to be seen anywhere.

Jason Statham and Chuck Norris are already there (see pictures below), and seems like Norris grew his famous beard again, especially for the film (as I remember seeing his recent pictures, and he only had mustache).

Anyway, Arnie Schwarzenegger is also there, and he’s ready for action! Oh yes, he also met with Bulgaria’s prime minister (probably forgetting he’s no California Governor anymore).

Reportedly, Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger will be filming in a couple of days in the airport, near Plovdiv. Another rumor came up, is that Jet Li will have a much smaller role in this part of “Expendables”, and all his scenes will be shot in China.


And below is a video of Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris (along with wife), and Jason Statham leaving the hotel, with reporters all over them. Pay attention: Chuck Norris was the only one among three without any bodyguards. That says something 🙂


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  1. So, does Jason Statham really need a bodyguard??/ Really????
    He’s badder and better than anyone that could be hired for the job!!!!

  2. Well, Bodyguards are just for protection. You never know who’s going to throw a bottle at you 🙂 Besides, those bodyguards looked like they were local, so they get a chance to earn a buck.

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