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Azerbaijan: New look of “Nizami” cinema and first ever 3D film – PHOTOS

Somehow I missed these interesting news in the local press, probably due to the fact that I was too busy with work, and didn’t check out the usual 30 plus news websites I read daily.

Anyway, just before the New Year, on 27th of December, a grand opening of the “Nizami” cinema was hosted.

As long as I remember myself, it was always this shallow, grey, zombie looking building in the center of the capital, and it really needed some reconstruction. And that’s exactly what was done – some major reconstruction!

I haven’t been there yet, but the pictures speak the truth – it looks amazingly beautiful, and as far as I can judge – there are several film theaters in there, small ones, and one big one.

Take a look at the pictures below – this is the center after reconstruction (sadly, don’t happen to have any pictures before it was reconstructed).

Now, back to the news, on December 27 it was opened, according to local media outlets, and they even showed the 3D “Musketeers” in there.

Officials said they chose this particular movie, because “the value of the reconstructed cinema is in ability to watch 3D movies”. It was also noted, that so far Azerbaijan does not have any own films in 3D format, yet it was promised that soon the situation will change.

In fact, even earlier, Azerbaijani “AzanFilm” studio received an order from country’s Tourism Ministry to make a 3D film, “Small House”, using D Max and Maya software. According to the director of “AzanFilm”, Elchin Akhundov, the work is already underway.

“We accepted the order, and started to work on the project. 3D backgrounds are already set up, and we’ve created the characters. The animation takes some time, as it depends on the difficulty level, for example a 10-minute long animation takes approximately eight months to make,” Akhundov said.

So, we’ll have to wait then, as I suppose we’re not going to have a 10-minute animation here. Since the Tourism Ministry is behind this, I am sure something a lot bigger is coming, so “AzanFilm” better do their best.

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