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Azerbaijani B-movie: Fighting female singer, mad scientist and zombies – PHOTOS

Does anyone remember Cirio Santiago’s 1986 movie “Future Hunters”? This film must be one of the better examples of how to mix every imaginable genre into one motion picture.

“Future Hunters” had post-nuclear wastelands, time-traveling, Nazis, kung-fu fights, Mongol warriors, cave dwelling midgets, Asian mobsters, and also Robert “T2” Patrick and Richard Norton in a cameo. This was an ultimate B-movie!

Well, it seems like Azerbaijan has made one of its own, the first one, I assume. And it is also a crazy mix of genres.

Directed by Jeyhun Ibrahimoglu and Vugar Islamzadeh, the film is titled “Understand me”, and it features local female singer Ayan Babakishiyeva as the lead. The film has been shot in the Gabala region of Azerbaijan.

The story has a young female (Babakishiyeva) running away from some mad scientist (Azer Aydemir), who has fallen in love with her, and thus tries to make her better by unsuccessfully cloning her numerous times.

Eventually, the girl escapes, only to have some goons to follow her. Displaying her martial arts skills, she kills her followers, only to se them rise up as zombies and staft following her again…

“Both me and Azer Aydemir underwent special martial arts training, which were quite difficult, yet it was worth it,” Babakishiyeva told local Azerbaijani agency Trend.

The film is being shot as mini-series. While the first part of the film has already been completed, the second part will be completed shortly. In October, the full series will be shown on local TV, and highlighted in the media.

It can only be imagined what the reaction would be, as looking at the pictures shot at the scene, “Understand Me” would be having tough time to explain itself to general audience. The film promises a load of unintentional laughs, and seems to head to the “so bad, its good” category of movies.

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