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Chuck Norris tribute: Real facts and 180 pictures

Chuck Norris is in his 70s now. Not 20s when he fought for real, not 30s when he went toe to toe with Bruce Lee, and not even 40s-50s when he became the 1980s action hero and put on a Texas Walker hat.

No, this is not another post on new “Chuck Norris jokes”, as there are tons of other websites and groups out there for that.

We’ve decided to make a serious tribute to the man, that many of us grew up watching.

Norris made “The Cutter” action movie with Daniel Bernhardt back in 2005, and then sort of disappeared. Thanks to Sylvester Stallone, we will be able to see Norris once again in “Expendables 2”.

With all these “Norris jokes” floating online, many people forgot who the REAL Chuck Norris was… and – he’s just an ordinary guy, with weaknesses like the rest of us. He’s just a little more famous. And while he’s still around, let’s appreciate that, because when he’s gone, the “jokes” just won’t sound the same…


Norris has this look that we all know – a look of a man who could be your best friend, or your worst enemy that would never be defeated. Someone you can be sure of.

This is a tribute from “BZFilm” to one of the biggest, toughest and memorable (for whatever reasons) action stars of all time.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the “stats” on Carlos Ray Norris (aka Chuck Norris). These are not jokes, but some real facts, folks:)



  • Norris has said that he has Irish and Cherokee Native American ancestry.
  • Children taunted Norris in school about his mixed ethnicity, and he daydreamed about beating up his tormentors.
  • Norris served in the United States Air Force, saw the “Korean War” up-close.
  • He founded Chun Kuk Do (“Universal Way”) form of martial arts.
  • Norris was defeated in his first two karate tournaments, dropping decisions to Joe Lewis and Allen Steen and three matches at the International Karate Championships to Tony Tulleners.
  • In early 1968, Norris suffered the 10th and last loss of his career, losing an upset decision to Louis Delgado. On November 24, 1968, he avenged his defeat to Delgado and won the Professional Middleweight Karate champion title, which he held for six consecutive years.
  • In 1969, he won Karate’s triple crown for the most tournament wins of the year, and the Fighter of the Year award by Black Belt Magazine.
  • Chuck Norris retired with a karate record of 183–10–2 (that’s 183 wins…)
  • In 1969, Norris made his acting debut in the Dean Martin film “The Wrecking Crew”.
  • In June 1970, Chuck’s younger brother Wieland was killed in Vietnam war. Norris later dedicated his “Missing in Action” films to his brother’s memory.
  • In the 1980’s Chuck Norris was the most prominent star for “Cannon Films” Group, making such classic action films as “Code of Silence”, and “Delta Force”.
  • Norris could laugh at himself. Once during the interview he said (about “Lone Wolf Mcquade”) – I am just as good at acting as David Carradine is at martial arts.
  • In 1993, Norris began shooting the TV-series “Walker, Texas Ranger”, which lasted 8 years on CBS and continued in heavy syndication on other channels, notably the Hallmark Channel. The series became highly popular outside of USA as well.
  • On July 1, 2000, Norris was presented the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award by the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.
  • Supposedly the “Chuck Norris jokes and facts” started in 2005, and they’re still going strong. A website known as “Chuck Norris Facts” has been created as a parody of Norris’ career. Chuck is not offended by the website, in fact, has said he feels honored to have a website named after him and says he laughs when he reads the facts.
  • Had a hip replacement in 2009.
  • Up to date, Norris made 38 feature films.


Supposedly a true story: Reader’s Digest once noted a story of how Norris, true to his characters, prefers to find a non-violent way to solve a situation. Norris was in a bar once when a customer walked in and said to him, “You’re in my seat. Move.” Norris complied, and as the customer sat down, he recognized Norris.

He then said, “Chuck, you could’ve kicked my butt if you wanted to. Instead of moving, why didn’t you just attack me?” Norris’ response: “What would that have accomplished?” Norris later said the experience resulted in him getting a new admirer and a new friend.





Chuck’s personal life: In November 1998, Norris married former model Gena O’Kelley, born in 1963 and 23 years Norris’ junior. O’Kelley had two children from a previous marriage.

She delivered twins in 2001: Dakota Alan Norris, a boy, and Danilee Kelly Norris, a girl. The wedding was performed by Lawrence Kennedy, who is featured in Norris’ autobiography.

On September 22, 2004, Norris told Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart that his daughter Dina was the result of an extramarital affair. He did not meet her until she was 26, although she learned that he was her father when she was 16.

She sent a letter to his home informing him of their relationship. After meeting her, Norris said he knew she was his upon seeing her.


Okay, enough with the stuff, let’s get to the pictures. The set contains both pictures from Chuck’s movies (from pretty much EVERY film that Norris made, except for a very few), and other pictures as well (Norris with his family, friends, his martial arts days, his younger photos, his photos “off-set”, pictures from events, conventions, movie premieres and more). Set contains 188 photos. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Great pictures! I myself is a great fan of Mr Chuck Norris and I see some pictures here that are rare. Thank for sharing it to us.

  2. I have trained with Chuck Norris and was the National Outstanding Instructor in his United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF) in 1983. He’s one of the most straight arrow people I have ever known. I have never heard him say a negative thing about anyone, even when they were people that had treated him badly.

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