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“Deadliest Prey”: jaw-dropping stills from the upcoming action flick (exclusive)

Some people are expecting “Expendables 2”. Others are expecting “Deadliest Prey”. BZFilm is waiting for both!

And while there has been quite a lot of noise online regarding “Expendables 2”, which packs a lot of star power, “Deadliest Prey” has not been so lucky, despite the fact that the original David Prior action film (Deadly Prey, 1988) has become cult, and has its own fans.

Some time ago, BZFilm talked to Fabio Soldani, who became the producer of “Deadliest Prey”, and in case you missed it, Soldani gave up a few spoilers how an idea to make the sequel, was born.

“I’ve been talking with David Prior about possible sequel to “Deadly Prey” for, I believe, the last 2 years. At the time, he wasn’t interested in doing this. He said there is no more market for this type low budget action movies,” Soldani told BZFilm.

“However later, when the the subject of “Deadly Prey sequel” came back, fanbase of the movie grown up, and eventually David saw the potential to make this movie in the future. I, of course, being a huge fan of the original, wanted to be a part of it,” Soldani added.

Soldani admitted that the fundraising for the film did not work out as planned, however the film was still made. At that time, Soldani said the sequel “will be absolutely in the same vein as the original was”.

Yesterday, director of both original Deadly Prey and the sequel – Deadliest Prey, David Prior kindly agreed for BZFilm to publish some stills from the film that will come out in a couple of months.

The screens in fact look great. If you like low-budget action movies, then this is your piece of the pie. Welcome Ted Prior, Fritz Matthews and David Hogan from the original film reunited in the sequel!

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  1. Sounds amazing! Dont see enough mullets on those pictures thou.

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