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Eric Roberts visits Petopia Animal Rescue – PHOTOS

roberts-animal-rescue-1Some people say Eric Roberts has fallen to the bottom of the barrel, accepting roles other actors of his caliber wouldn’t even consider.

Others, like us, love Eric Roberts for accepting roles other actors of his caliber wouldn’t even consider.

And here comes another reason to love Eric Roberts, who is a real-life animal advocate. Roberts recently visited the Petopia Animal Rescue, according to Cattipper website.

On July 6th the actor used his star wattage to help shine a spotlight on the adorable adoptables at Petopia Animal Rescue, the first “multi-rescue” animal store in a major mall.

Roberts and and his wife Eliza became fast friends with all of the cats and kittens.

During his two-hour stay at the rescue the animal-loving luminary, Roberts also took the time to talk with volunteers, watch a promotional video filled with photogenic felines and pose for photos, which you can check out below (Photo Credit: Precious Paws).

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