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“Expendables 2”: more updates, more rumors, and more photos

You know, the more updates we get from the “Expendables 2”, the more mystery there is.At this point, I don’t even know which source to trust anymore.

Anyway, what we got here is a bulgarian source, that says “Mickey Rourke is on his way to Bulgaria (or he might already be there) to shoot the movie”. Most people believe this is just another rumor, so don’t hold your breath.

Also, another source claims Jason Statham left the shooting set, but will be back in a week or so. There were also reports on Steve Austin (!) flying to Bulgaria, which seems like the biggest lie to me, since there were too many reports on Austin not being in the movie.

Anyway, next news involve Nicolas Cage, who reportedly is already (!) working on “Expendables 2”. Now, of course there are no confirmations on this, so again, we shall wait and see.

Now that we’re done with various “expendable rumors”, let’s take a look at some pictures that were shot on set in (supposedly) Plovdiv airport in Bulgaria, where the big action scene of the “Expendables 2” movie took place. Pictured below are Bruce Willis, and Sylvester Stallone.

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