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“Expendables 2” update: photos from the set

Okay folks, this is another “Expendables 2” update, and its loaded with new pics! Yes, and, we also have some information (might be another rumor, but still) about Dwayne “Rock” Johnson being in the movie, and about Mickey Rourke as well.

Some fan claims he was listening to the radio interview of Chuck Zito (stuntman, actor, and former Van Damme bodyguard), when a call came in, and asked Zito about Expendables, and why Stallone never used Zito in his films (what kind of question is that?!).

Anyway, Zito reportedly said that Stallone and Rourke couldnt come to terms on “Expendables 2” due to money, and Zito told Stallone he would replace Rourke “for nothing”.

Stallone never called back, but Zito believes its because him and Van Damme have history (I personally remember a newspaper story when Van Damme entered a bar, got into a fight with Zito there, and got beaten pretty fast).

So, if this is real, then we won’t be having Mickey Rourke in “Expendables 2”. Damn, that’s a pity. Really. And, as far as Dwayne Johnson goes, some Bulgarian sources claim, that Johnson would not play “Timmons”, because he “doesn’t fit” the part. Somehow I am not that disappointed with this news (if this is true), since we got so many stars on board already.

Now, lets get on to the pictures! Yay! Okay, below are some pictures shot on the set of “Expendables 2”, featuring most of the stars (excluding Scott Adkins, Van Damme), so take a look.

Pictures are not of great quality. I edited the pictures a little bit, and wrote a few “tips” on them, so you would know who is who. Since this is an action scene (as pictures clearly show) and we got all stars in gear.

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