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Kiss of the Arabian stallion: Eldar Gasymov on set of his new film – PHOTOS

Referring to my earlier post about a sequel to Azerbaijani movie that’s being made 30 years later, “Eurovision 2011” winner, Azerbaijani singer Eldar Gasymov is doing his best to do his part right on the set of that same movie – “Don’t Be Afraid, I am With you – 2”.

According to the script, Eldar’s character, Farkhad, is a professional horse rider, so Gasymov had to undergo special training, to be able to handle his horse – Arabian stallion Maysur.

“We kind of liked each other from the very start, and Maysur, he wasn’t fussy at all. In fact, that’s what I was afraid of.

I was taught how to handle him the right way, and later on, I even fed him myself. He got used to being around me, and even kissed me”, said Eldar.

Below are some photos shot at on the set of “Don’t Be Afraid, I am With you – 2”.

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