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Lou Ferrigno, the actor – PHOTO GALLERY

lou-ferrigno_75Lou Ferrigno, standing at 6’5, was the tallest bodybuilder of his era. In his peak body-building days, he could bench press some 500 pounds.

He was the youngest bodybuilder ever to hold the “Mr. Universe” title at the age of 20.

As much as he’s known and respected as a bodybuilder, Ferrigno has become famous for his portrayal of the Incredible Hulk, and Hercules on the silver screen.

Growing up, Ferrigno was a fan of the ’50s “Hercules” films that starred bodybuilder Steve Reeves and a fan of the Incredible Hulk comic books.

He went on to play both the Incredible Hulk (both live action and providing the voice of the Hulk for an animated series) and Hercules.

Ferrigno has also starred in a few lesser know action b-movies, such as “Cage” and “Cage 2”, along with Reb Brown.

Below is a compiled photo gallery devoted to Ferrigno, with pictures from his movies, including “Incredible Hulk”, “Hercules, “Cage”, and others.

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