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Mark Dacascos shares epic pic from his new film, talks some details

Sadly, action fans do not get to see much of Mark Dacascos fighting like he used to in the 90s, however the action star recently proved he’s still got what it takes.

Earlier today, Dacascos shared a picture of himself doing a fight scene with stuntment on the set of his new film “Operation Roque” (said to be a working title).


“The photo is of one of the many fights scenes in the movie. Yes, that is me in the air. The stuntmen did a fantastic job,” Dacascos wrote on his Facebook page.

The IMDb doesn’t seem to have this film listed yet, however Dacascos revealed a few things about the new project. One of which was that Treat Williams is also in the film!

“I’ve had the pleasure of filming with Mr. Treat Williams for the last two days. He’s awesome; super talented and just a stellar human being. It was an honor and joy to work with him,” Dacascos wrote of his co-star.

“Operation Roque” seems to be filming in the Philippines, according to Dacascos.

“I thank the Filipino and American cast and crew of Operation Rogue for working hard and sharing their smiles. I thank the people I met in Manila, Cavite, Ternate, and Tarlac, for being so kind to me. I will miss the lovely people of the Philippines,” Dacascos said, being extremely generous with his words.

Whatever turns out of “Operation Roque” – Dacascos should be notifying Sylvester Stallone about him being available for work on “Expendables 3”.

We believe, Dacascos has a right to be a part of the cast of the upcoming film. What do you think?

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