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Martial arts legends gather on set of Phillip Rhee’s new film – PHOTOS, VIDEO

on-set-of-underdogs-film-3As we have reported a few days ago, martial artist, actor and producer Phillip Rhee is busy now working on his new film, titled the “Underdogs”.

Rhee has not been very active starring in movies as of late (at least those films we know about), and this project of his looks very promising.

About a week ago, Rhee shared some information about the film on his facebook page, without revealing any spicy details.

“The movie I’m making is called the “Underdogs” which is a cross between “Bad News Bears” meets “The Karate Kid”. Its Best of the Best with some amazing kids!,” he wrote.

Rhee did not say what part does he have in the film, or whether he is acting in it at all. He was not available for comments.

Now, there are more details available regarding this Phillip Rhee film, and it looks like there are a lot of other legendary martial artists involved in production.

You must be wondering who they are. Among them are Simon Rhee (Phillip’s brother), Richard Norton, James Lew, Don Dragon Wilson, Benny The Jet Urquidez and Dan Inosanto.

Richard Norton shared some photos of the group posing together during the shoots. It seems like all of the above listed martial artists have cameos in the film, playing “the judges”, possibly during a martial arts showcase. Check out the photos below:

Here are also some videos of Norton, Wilson, Inosanto and Urquidez talking to the camera during the production. More information that we learned from the videos below is that Phillip Rhee is the director of the “Underdogs”, and he really wanted to gather all the great martial artists in one film.

The martial arts legends also talk about the today’s martial arts, honor, integrity, mixed martial arts and so on – for those who are interested.






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