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B-movie legend Matthias Hues has trouble learning Russian on set of “Black Rose” – PHOTOS

hues-black-rose-1As we’ve reported previously, b-movie action star Matthias Hues is currently filming a joint Russia-US action thriller titled the “Black Rose”.

Hues is keeping obviously busy working on set, yet he keeps his fans on alert with updates from the shoot.

One of his latest updates tell us that the big man, who has portrayed Russians on screen in the past, is in fact having difficulties learning the language on set of “Black Rose”.

“Oh yes before we forget. Erase the dialogue in English – Producer wants it all in Russian – Catch, I do not speak Russian. Sitting in my trailer wondering how….This is the film Biz for you,” Hues said on Facebook, sharing the photo below:

Here’s another picture below of Matthias and the film’s star Alexander Nevsky, who is trying to teach Matthias some words.

“”Alexander Nevsky in the middle – He is the Russian Arnold – not sure if I understand a word he is trying to teach me. Russian Crash course one on one…,” Hues wrote on Facebook.”

“Black Rose” is currently shooting in Moscow, until July 7, and then the cast and crew will move on to shoot more scenes in Los Angeles.

Aside from Hues and Nevsky, the film stars Kristanna Loken, Adrian Paul, Robert Davi, and world champion ballroom dancer and fitness model Oksana Sidorenko.

“Black Rose” is co-written by Brent Huff – a former action star-turned director, who has previously worked with Nevsky and Robert Davi. Sheldon Lettich is the executive producer of the film.

Reportedly, the rights for the film are planned to be sold to Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Poland, China, India, Brazil and South Korea.

The film centers around Nevsky’s Moscow police major character, who travels to Los Angeles to help the local police there investigate a series of murders in the Russian immigrant community.

The film is a production of Alexander Nevsky’s own Los Angeles-based company Hollywood Storm, and it will be theatrically released sometime in December 2013.





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