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Phillip Rhee on set with kids of his “passion project” Underdogs – PHOTOS

underdogs-3Phillip Rhee seems to be really passionate about his current project, titled the “Underdogs”.

He has recently shared a few more pictures of him directing, and acting along with a bunch of…underdogs!

As Rhee revealed, the “Underdogs” in the film will supposedly go up against “the undefeated Beverly Hills Scorpions” – another group of martial arts kids.

Rhee pointed out that “these kids are some of the best martial artist kids in the world”. Rhee does know a thing or two about martial arts, so we can assume these kids in the film are at least, good.

“Out of 600 kids auditioning for the part of the Underdogs… Here they are,” Rhee said. “Some of the most talented actors and martial artist I’ve ever worked with in my life. These kids are awesome!!!”

Well, below are the pictures of these kids, with Rhee, that the director himself has shared:

Rhee previously said that “Underdogs” is a cross between “Bad News Bears” meets “The Karate Kid”. Along with the kids, Rhee managed to gather famous and legendary martial arts stars for his project, who in film (possibly) portray themselves, as “the judges”, possibly during a martial arts showcase or a fighting tournament.

Among them are Simon Rhee (Phillip’s brother), Richard Norton, James Lew, Don Dragon Wilson, Benny The Jet Urquidez and Dan Inosanto.

You can check out the photos of Phillip Rhee and the rest of the legendary fighters here.

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