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It seems like Bolo Yeung (aka Yang Sze) has been around forever. A real martial arts master has been a bodybuilding champion, who later switched to martial arts.

He trained with Bruce Lee, and he used to beat Van Damme senseless.

Oh yes, and according to some old news, Bolo used to say the late Brandon Lee was lazy when Bolo was training with him on the set of “Legacy of Rage”.

He has been in so many martial arts movies, no one can actually remember.

For those of you who doesnt know, Bolo was around 50, when “Bloodsport” (1987) was being made… This post is devoted to one of the best ever, master Bolo Yeung.

Photos were collected from his official website, as well as other sources and feature Yeung’s numerous films, also some behind the camera pictures with friends, and conventions.

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  1. gostaria de receber fotos do bolo yeung no meu email.kiss bolo yeung.

  2. bruce lee’s son brandon used to fight bolo

  3. Yes, and if my memory serves me right, Bolo didn’t really like Brandon’s approach to training, he would always be late, wouldnt concentrate, etc. Needless to say, as good as Brandon was, he still wasn’t any close to Bruce.

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