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Brian Steele is a well known “creature actor” in Hollywood. He has been playing various characters, from zombies to mutants and werewolves ever since the early 90’s.

He has breathed life into villains in “Predators”, “Terminator Salvation”, the “Underworld” Trilogy and “Blade: Trinity”.

Steele also brought monsters to life in “Men in Black 2″, “Resident Evil”, and “Doom”.

He’s worked with acclaimed directors Guillermo Del Toro (the “HellBoy” films) and M. Night Shayamalan (“Lady in the Water”).

He battled Christian Bale, Wesley Snipes, Ron Perlman, Kate Beckinsale, Dwanyne “Rock” Johnson, Adrian Brody, Tom Sizemore, Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin among others.


As Brian himself stated in an interview: I have absolutely no intention of doing anything other than bringing creatures to life. I can’t think of a more rewarding job than this one.  I love everything thing about it, from working with the design & fabrication team, rehearsing and finding the creatures characteristics, to finally working with the director and puppeteers to get the creature onscreen. I simply love my job.

Couldn’t be any clearer. This gallery is devoted to Brian, and numerous creatures that were brought to life, thanks to him. You can also read Brian’s full interview here.

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