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You must be wondering who “Diablo Cody” is…This morning I didn’t have a clue as well, until I read this article about the Evil Dead remake, and Diablo Cody was writing the script for it.

Since I haven’t seen Cody, I imagined that this kind of name would be suitable for some crazy Billy Idol-like dude, but turned out – its a really beautiful woman. She, by the way, was born Brooke Busey.

I decided to make a photo gallery of her here, since her path to what some might call glory, seemed interesting to me. She used to work as a full-time stripper.She also worked as a phone-sex operator (!). Shortly after she returned to stripping, but quit, and got married.

It seems like a miracle, that a phone-sex operator and full-time stripper became a Hollywood screenwriter. Not to mention that Cody’s got brains – she graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in media studies. She was also a freelance journalist.

As of now, her screenwriting credits include “Jennifer’s Body”, “Juno”, and reportedly “Evil Dead remake” among the most famous ones. Anyway, below is a gallery devoted to Diablo Cody, and I might add, there’s really something charming about her. I also think that her different hairstyles all suit her very well.

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