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PHOTO GALLERY: Jean-Claude Van Damme

Well, since I recently posted an exclusive interview with Van Damme, why not make a photo gallery on the same man?

Van Damme has never really been a great actor (still a head above others like Steven Seagal and Don “The Dragon” Wilson), however some of his movies (In Hell, JCVD) demonstrate how his acting improved since his “fighting movies” days.

He’s no Pacino, De Niro or Brando of course. What Van Damme is he knows well – a famous actor, who starred in a number of martial arts movies, and still goes strong up to this day.

Some of his movies have become legendary, as lots of kids grew up watching his earlier movies like “Bloodsport”, “Cyborg”, “Universal Soldier”, and “KickBoxer”.

Jean-Claude’s martial arts accomplishments might not be as high as those of Benny Urquidez, Billy Blanks, Don Wilson or Chuck Norris, but the thing Van Damme has for sure – is his on-screen presence.

It has always been there, and probably always will be. Below is a photo gallery of Van Damme’s earlier years from his most famous movies, some promo pictures, and a couple from his latest films. Check it out.

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