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PHOTO GALLERY: Ron Smoorenburg

Dutch martial artist Ron Smoorenburg first caught the spotlight in the film “Who Am I”, where he, being just 23 years old, fought Jackie Chan himself in one of the most breath-taking fights of all Chan’s movies.

Smoorenburg is really one of the very few Dutch martial artists who made it in Hollywood (others are UFC fighter Bas Rutten, and Kickboxing champion Rob Kaman).

Since working with Chan, Smoorenburg went on to star in “The Protector” with Tony Jaa, “The Eagle Path” with Jean-Claude Van Damme, and “Flight 777” with former kickboxing champion Gary Daniels.

Smoorenburg has also been doing a lot of stunt work ever since his first film “Who Am I” in 1997.

Smoorenburg currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand. Aside from doing movies and commercials, he’s has also been working as a graphic designer and a website developer.

Below is a photo gallery of Smoorenburg, and if you want to read his interview – head here.

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