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Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis on set of “Expendables 2” – photo

Here comes another portion of updates on the most anticipated action movie – “Expendables 2”. Lots of interesting stuff, let’s check it out.

First, Sylvester Stallone‘s official website has reported, that filming already began in Bulgaria (which seems to be true, as some updates later will reveal).

There are still no reports on Mickey Rourke (other sources claim, that Rourke is out of the film, but his character is not dead, so he might surface again, of there will be “Expendables 3”).

Next, supposedly Chuck Norris‘ character will be “Booker”, instead of “Richter Argo” (which I like a lot more).

Scott Adkins made a few updates himself, claiming that:

1. Chad Stahelski will be doing the fight choreography for “Expendables 2”
2. There is a big role in the movie, that has yet to be cast. The character’s name will supposedly be “Timmons”, and there are no other details revealed so far.
3. Jet Li has only a couple of scenes in the film, and reportedly they will all be shot in China. However, Li’s stunt double will also arrive in Bulgaria, for 10 days or so. According to one source, this is due to the fact that the stunt double will be shot from long range, so we will probably see some fighting and shooting.

Next – according to some Greek website, Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that Nicholas Cage has a minor role in the film. This is no way to be accepted as a fact, just rumors. Schwarzenegger, reportedly, will stay in Bulgaria for a month or so (instead of 4 days, as we reported before).

Arnold also posted a really nice picture on his Twitter – one shot from the airport in Bulgaria (as we reported earlier), where he stands alongside his fellow superstars Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone.

Sly looks in the best shape of the three, Willis looks younger than Arnie and Sly, but Schwarzenegger looks really happy. Legendary actor noted that he “is having a fantastic time on set with Sly and Bruce”.

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