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Super cool posters for non-existent movies…which ones will get made? – photos

american film market roger cormanI remember long time ago I was watching some Italian-made horror movie, and there were these DVD extras, where actors and directors were telling stories how the shooting was going on, etc.

And I vividly remember this director, telling a story of how he was sent a completed movie poster (non-existent movie), and was told to write a script, based on that poster!

Why I am saying this… posted below are 19 posters of non-existent movies (thanks to Wired), all of which are b-movies, some are even potential cult classics.

Legendary producer and director Roger Corman and other independent producers released a bunch of really cool posters of non-existent movies at the American Film Market.

In case you don’t know – Good, and attractive movie posters play a key role at the annual movie marketing event in Santa Monica (California), because filmmakers often rely on these so-called “sell-sheets” to attract investors with money, and to land distribution deals, long before the project even goes into production.

So, below are the 19 eye-catching posters for movies that might get made and turn into cult classics, or might not get made at all. Check it out, which ones you like?

Personally, I would put my money on: Sucker (looks really cool, somehow reminds me of “Darkman”), Nazis at the Center of the Earth (nazi zombies, c’mon…), Exile (what can I say, I love cyborgs), 2-headed Shark Attack (the poster just looks too cool), and Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies (I know you like this one too).

*Images courtesy American Film Market and participating production companies.

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