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“Villains of the Silver Screen” – Picasso

Every hero needs a villain, and he’d better not be boring. A villain is a  core of nearly every film. Villains make heroes look good, so this 7th part of the “Villains of the Silver Screen” series.

Our villain is from the “Alex Cross” film, an adaptation of the “Cross” novel. In the film his name is Picasso, and in the novel, he’s named Michael Sullivan. Arguably, Picasso was the main reason for watching “Alex Cross” in the first place, as he’s truly a great villain.

getSCREEN NAME: Picasso

PLAYED BY: Matthew Fox

PART: Main villain

TYPE: Ex military, professional killer, fighter, drawer. A hired gun that kills for money. Mostly.

While Matthew Fox is mostly known for his work in the “Lost” series, it is safe to say the role of Picasso has take Matthew’s career to new heights.

Fox reportedly underwent heavy training for the part, and on screen he’s a joy to watch. Compared to the leading characters, Picasso is scary, brutal, and despite being a strategist, he’s unpredictable.

Picasso at times reminds of a younger, crazier, more ripped version of Elias Koteas. Matthew Fox did a great job portraying Picasso, which mostly had one major flaw as a character – he wasn’t acting on his own.

Below is a photo gallery of Matthew Fox as Picasso in “Alex Cross”.


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