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Poll: 61% want Schwarzenegger to continue doing action movies

schwarzenegger-walk-terminatorArnold Schwarzenegger is slowly going towards 70 (he’s currently 66 years old), but despite this, it looks like people still want him to continue doing action movies like he used to.

According to the latest BZFilm poll, the question of which was “Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t going to be around forever…what would you want him to do?”, 61 percent of all voters want him to go on.

“Continue doing action films as he used to” gathered 61 percent, while 15 percent believe Arnold should stop doing action films, as they selected the “He’s too old for action movies, switch to other” option.

Next, 13 percent of voters selected “Retire from film industry and do something else” option, and 11 percent of all voters settled for “Stop acting, try directing or screen writing”.

Schwarzenegger obviously isn’t going to stop making films any time soon, as he has “Expendables 3”, as well as “Terminator Genesis” ready to come out in the near future. He will also be appearing in a zombie movie “Maggie”.

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