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February 2014 poll: People likely to make “action or martial arts” film over others

poll-resultsFebruary 2014 has ended, and it is time to sum up the results for BZFilm’s poll for that month.

The question of the February poll was: ” You have some amount of money that you can make a film with. What kind of film would it be?

Most of the voters – 30 percent – selected “Action or martial arts” film.

21 percent of voters settled for “Horror or Sci-fi“.

Surprisingly, 16 percent would’ve made a porn/erotic type of movie.

Drama or comedy” option came in at 4th place with 13 percent of votes.

Thriller” gathered only 8 percent of votes, followed by “Documentary” with 6 percent, and “Musical” with 4 percent.

Only 3 percent of voters selected “Sports film“.

No one voted for “Mockumentary” or “Family film” options.

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