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January 2014 poll results: what bit part in a film would you play?

poll-resultsSo, the first month of 2014 is over, and it is time to reveal the results of BZFilm’s poll for January.

The question of the poll was ” You’re offered a bit part in a film. Which one would you rather take?”

Of course bit parts in movies can be different. According to the poll, 67 percent of voters would like to be “leading hero’s friend”.

Answer “armed street thug” took the second place with 9 percent. Third spot belongs to answer “masked killer”, with 7 percent of total votes.

Further on, just 6 percent selected “none of these” option. This answer is on fourth spot.

Fifth and sixth spots belong to “drunk in a bar” and “passer by” answers, each of which gained 4 percent of total votes.

“Screaming zombie” answer got just 2 percent, along with “nameless cop in background”. The last answer – “dead victim” didn’t get any votes, which is not really surprising.

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