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March 2014 poll: Which actor best portrayed Bruce Lee on screen?

poll-resultsMarch 2014 has ended, and it is time to sum up the results for BZFilm’s poll for that month.

The question of the March poll was: ”Which one of these actors best portrayed Bruce Lee on screen?”

We’ve picked 7 actors that, in different times, have created believable (or not so believable) images of the great Bruce Lee, and here are the results of the poll:

Jason Scott Lee (portrayed Lee in the Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story) gained the most votes, leading the poll with 46 percent of total votes.

Second place was taken by Bruce Le – a 70’s martial arts actor, who was cast as Lee in various “Brucexplotation” films of that time. Le got 31 percent of the total votes.

Third place was taken by a fairly recent addition – Kwok-Kwan Chan (8 percent), who portrayed Bruce Lee in the Chinese TV-series “The Legend of Bruce Lee”, which also starred other martial arts actors – Mark Dacascos, Gary Daniels and Michael Jai White.

Fourth place was taken by Tai Chung Kim, who portrayed Bruce Lee in an early Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts film “No Retreat No Surrender”. Jiang Dai-Yan (played Lee in “Ip Man 2”) took fifth place.

No votes were given to Li Hsui-Hsien aka Danny Lee and Siu-Lung Leung (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu).

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