movie quizzesEverything is simple. We now have a number of quizzes on BZFilm, that you can take, and check your knowledge of films. Just make sure you don’t go running to IMDB to find answers – it wouldn’t be fair, you know. The questions will not concern anything extremely hard to figure out, so take a deep breath, and turn on the brains!

Listed below are the available quizzes on different subjects and genres, so pick the one you like, and get on it! If you would like to recommend us a quiz, or submit questions of your own, contact us here.


BZFilm action quiz (16 questions) – You think you know all about 90s action movies? Try yourself out with our 90s action flicks quiz!


BZFilm martial arts movies quiz (12 questions) – It’s time to move around a little, not to get roundhouse kicked in the face! Let’s see if you know enough of martial arts to pass this trivia!

BZFilm “military & police” quiz (11 questions)
– in this quiz, you have a chance to check your knowledge as far as military (+ war) and police themes in movies go.
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