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REVIEW: Accident Man (2018)


By Tim Tal

Mike Fallon (Scott Adkins) is a professional assassin, who makes sure all his kills look like accidents. And he’s the best at what he does.

Never get angry. Never get involved. Never get caught.

The above are the three rules that Fallon lives by, however, things start to change, when his ex-girlfriend, a known environmentalist is killed.

Turns out, the company of hired assassins, which Fallon works for, is involved. When Fallon learns that his ex-gf was also pregnant with his child, everything around him changes. He will get angry. He will get involved. And those, who are responsible, will pay.

“Accident Man” is based on a comic, so it seems director Jesse Johnson made sure it looked like one on screen. And it does.

One of the leading action stars of his time, Scott Adkins (also produced the film and has a credit as a writer) leads the way here as the fully lethal but very anti-hero Mike Fallon, who is on a path of revenge, and we follow him on every step. Fallon is unlikable, but he’s so cool and so good at what he does, that we’re rooting for him anyway.

Besides, one thing that separates Fallon from all the other assassins he goes up against, he has something he actually cared for, before it was taken away from him.


– Within the first 10 minutes of the film you get: a totally bizarre “deadly accident” scene, a brutal bar fight and introduction to characters you’d beg not to meet in real life.

– Strong cast, including both good actors (Paymer, Stevenson) and martial artists (Ray Park, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White).

– You might learn a thing or two about how to “make a move” and make it look like an accident.

– Scott Adkins gets into a “two on one” fight with Michael Jai White and Ray Park. Make your bets!

– There is a specific word which is used when someone is thrown out of a window. Curious? Watch the film to find out which word it is.

No worries if you haven’t read the comic, since the film more than stands on its own. We have a lead who could give John Wick a run for his money and is the exact opposite of James Bond. Mike Fallon is a raging, unstoppable, swearing killing machine.

“Accident Man” delivers a lot of action you hope to see, considering the cast of Adkins, Michael Jai White and Ray Park – all three of which are fantastic martial artists.

Obviously, no one likes a boring comic, thus “Accident Man” shouldn’t be boring as well. And it isn’t. Not for a minute. If there isn’t a fight scene or a shootout, there’s some great acting, if not, there is a surprising cameo (watch out for Roger Yuan, Martyn Ford, Tim Man).

While some of Jesse Johnson’s earlier films are more slow-paced, “Accident Man” is fast, but not with the fight scenes – no fast cuts, you get to see everything you need to see. Johnson’s directing of fight scenes has also greatly improved since his early directing efforts. “Savage Dog” was great, “Accident Man” is right there, if not better. Johnson is working with the best martial artists and he delivers.

“Accident Man” left plenty of space for a sequel, and for good reason. We do need a sequel, as this film gets a big “thumbs up”.

Hopefully, no accidents occurred during the making of this film.


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