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REVIEW: BorderCross (2017)


By Tim Tal

Danny “Boy” Jackson (Lorenzo Lamas) is a former boxing champion, who looks to step into the ring once more, against a young competitor, with the revenues of the fight going to charity causes.

As usual, everything goes wrong, when Jackson’s son gets kidnapped right from his motel room, and former champion starts to look for clues that may lead to his son. As soon as he finds out that the sponsor behind the fight also kidnapped his son to sell the boy to the wealthy Arabs, Jackson takes action.

Before you get your hopes high, as the above paragraph may lead you to believe you’re in for a great Lorenzo Lamas action flick, calm down. “BorderCross” may look like an action movie, with a 90’s action star on the cover, but it barely qualifies as an action film.

Lorenzo Lamas gets the credit – the man was one of the most enjoyable and vivid action stars of the 90’s, with films like “Renegade”, “Bounty Tracker” and more. The later years weren’t so kind to Lamas’ career, and he slowly slipped to TV appearances, bit parts and just plain bad movies.

“BorderCross” looked like something that could bring Lamas’ career back on track (even if not for long), but as the film goes on, it becomes obvious that the attempt is rather weak. Nothing to be really inspired about.

Lamas plays a boxing champion. He barely gets into fights, he hardly throws a punch in the film, and spends most of the time running around (with or without a gun), with a desperate face, looking for his son.

The supporting cast is weak (Danny Trejo, to whom there are no comments whatsoever – he is one of those actors who makes a cameo today, and another “Machete” film tomorrow, and Lorenzo Lamas’ wife Shawna Craig (plays a kidnapper, who is killed by Lamas himself)).

“BorderCross” can only be recommended to die-hard Lorenzo Lamas or Danny Trejo fans. For general audience, this won’t even pass for a midnight time killer.

What really kills the film is not the lack of fighting from Lamas, but weak story, bad acting and lack of action in general.

And in case you’re wondering – no, Lamas does not get to get in the ring for that boxing fight mentioned earlier…


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