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REVIEW: The Foreigner (2017)

By Tim Tal

Jackie Chan never seizes to amaze. Every time he’s almost ready to join the list of all those action stars with limited acting skills, which cannot seem to land another typecast role, he manages to “squeeze out” a film, proving he still has what it takes to be around. Just like in his legendary fight scenes.

In “The Foreigner”, Chan plays Quan, a foreigner. He’s a 60-something Chinese, living in London, running a small restaurant and raising his daughter. He’s old, grey hair all over his head, and has this facial expression that you just want to hug him and invite him home for some tea. From the first moments, you instantly start rooting for Quan.

It doesn’t take long before troubles begin in the form of an explosion, that kills Quan’s daughter. Allegedly, the Irish terrorists are involved, and all hell breaks loose.

What follows is Quan trying to find the people responsible for the killing of his daughter. He even meets the Irish Deputy Minister Liam Henessy (Pierce Brosnan), who diplomatically telling Quan to piss off, as he can’t help him. Quan asks to give him names of the assassins, but no answer.

Quan is seemingly a simple man, heartbroken and miserable. And yet, he tells Henessy: “You will change your mind.”

You can only guess what happens next.

And since Jackie Chan is over 60 himself, don’t expect him to perform jaw-dropping stunts and run around like an Energizer Bunny. Yet, Chan as Quan surprises, showing how far a father who lost his only daughter is willing to go.

The aged Pierce Brosnan looks just as good with the beard and Irish accent.

As of this writing, “The Foreigner” has already surpassed $135.5 million in worldwide box office gross, being made for $35 million.

This is one of the best movies Jackie Chan made in a while. The absence of lengthy and energy-consuming stunts allows Chan to show some of his acting chops, which are anything but irritating.

If you’re a Chan fan, by all means, go and check it out.

For action film fans, “The Foreigner” will not disappoint either – there’s plenty of action, yes, involving Jackie Chan.


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