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REVIEW: Kill Kane (2016)


“Kill Kane” can instantly be counted as a classic for a simple wrong reason – it’s a Vinnie Jones movie, where he plays the lead hero, who loses his family and is on the revenge path.

How often you’ve heard this story before? A lot. How often has Jones played a lead in this kind of film? This seems to be the first time.

Teacher Ray Brookes (Jones) lives in a small UK town with his family (wife, son, daughter). Despite having the meanest face in the film, Ray is a simple teacher, not a former marine, not a former special forces guy or anything like that. Just a teacher, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing a killing.

The gangsters who committed the crime find out where Ray lives and invade his home. After finishing off his family, Ray somehow survives the bullet wound to the chest and awakens from the coma three months later.

He quickly dismisses all the options regarding “giving testimony”, saying he doesn’t believe in British justice system. Ray has something else on his mind – his own kind of justice.

From there on, Ray starts to look for those, who killed his family, slowly terminating the gangsters one by one. Don’t ever mess with a British teacher’s family, especially if he has “mean” written all over his forehead.

Despite a nice change in the string of similar movies for Vinnie Jones, “Kill Kane” fails to shine on any level, even considering Jones himself, who seems unwilling or unable to play “a victim”.

Jones starts to look real when he switches to his “revenge” mode, while his Ray character is totally pathetic and unconvincing before the family incident. The attempts of Jones to look intimidated, scared for his family’s safety look fake.

Jones is not really to blame, he made a career of playing mean, tough characters and he’s good at it. So good that he’s probably the best stereotyped mean bad guy in modern cinema. As the lead, Jones still “has” to be mean, since nothing else seems to be working for him. We can leave it at that, since Jones is basically the only good thing about “Kill Kane”.

The film itself is slow, it drags, despite the fact that it is only 74 minutes long, as IMDb says.

There isn’t much of action to speak of either, although the poster of the film tries to make us believe this is an action vehicle. It is as if the film promises you 100% of action, but instead gives you about 15% of it. That’s the case here.

Overall, this can only be recommended to Vinnie Jones fans. Although his fans root for him anyway, regardless of what character he plays, as long as he’s mean. For everyone else, “Kill Kane” isn’t even enough to be a time-killer.


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