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REVIEW: 12 Rounds: Reloaded (2013)


It has been some time, since we last reviewed anything from the WWE Studios. This Randy Orton vehicle in fact we have been expecting – the trailer was kind of entertaining.

So, Randy Orton here playing Nick Malloy a paramedic, who, as usual, happens to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Late at night, right before his eyes, two cars collide, and he naturally rushes to get the people out.

He manages to get out two of them, while the third – woman, dies. Malloy blames himself, but there’s nothing he could’ve done.

A year later, some guy calls Malloy on the phone, and threatens to kill a lot of people, including Malloy’s wife, if our paramedic doesn’t agree to play a game. A game, which has 12 rounds.

From there on, Malloy has to both drive and run around the city, looking for specific clues, trying to solve the puzzle and make it into the next round. The longer he plays, the more he understands why this is happening to him.

At the same time, there are already detectives following his each step, trying to figure out what is going on…

“12 Rounds” Reloaded” is not connected to the first film story wise, so the WWE fans have a chance of totally focusing on Randy Orton here.

The film quickly reveals what chances Randy Orton has in the movie business, some of which, we will outline.

First of all – Randy Orton was given the wrong role. He just doesn’t fit in as a paramedic with his looks. Aside from that, Orton has probably the most evil face since Schwarzenegger in original Terminator. That’s right, Orton would be a great fit for any villain, and he’d make a fantastic cyborg too.

In “12 Rounds: Reloaded” however, Orton doesn’t seem real. According to his part, he doesn’t really get into any fights, and if he does, he fights like a paramedic (one exception, he does once bodyslam a cop on a car).

Orton, when shot from close range, has an image of an immovable rock, but shooting him from the distance, when he runs, was definitely a bad idea. Orton is a bit bandy-legged, and just like another fellow former WWE superstar-turned actor Steve Austin, should avoid scenes where he runs.

It should be noted that despite the negative points mentioned above, the film is intense, and never lets go, since Orton’s Malloy doesn’t have any time to waste.

“12 Rounds: Reloaded” is a mediocre action film, however the huge miscast in Randy Orton shows where he would be best fit in the movie world.

The rest in the film is cliche – the beautiful worrying wife, cops that are always a step behind, and a cold, calculating villain.

Action movie fans can check this out, if there’s nothing else. As for Randy Orton fans – this is a good chance to see your favorite WWE Superstar in a different environment and a different role.



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