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REVIEW: A Dark Truth (2012)


All hell breaks loose in Ecuador, as in one of country’s provinces, the government-assembled military groups start killing civilians on the streets, due to a disease outbreak, reportedly caused by water contamination.

The powerful Clearbec water filtration service company in Canada, run by brother and sister Bruce Swinton (Kim Coates) and Morgan Swinton (Deborah Kara Unger) have a huge deal signed with local South African companies regarding the water purification in the area.

No one yet is aware of the fact that Clearbec is responsible for the contamination, as their water filtration system in Ecuador broke down when the river in the area flooded.

Now, Clearbek is trying to cover up the truth, by blaming it all on Francisco Francis (Forest Whitaker), a researcher responsible for organizing peasant revolt, and protesting against privatization of water and industrial pollution.

Francis, along with his wife Mia (Eva Longoria) is forced to hide in the mountains, possessing some important documents, that reveal Clearbec’s fault in the tragedy that resulted in deaths of thousands of civilians.

Soon however, an unexpected incident pushes Morgan Swinton into looking for clues to what has happened in Ecuador, while her brother Bruce is trying to cover it all up, with all the big money at stake.

Morgan Swinton later finds Jack (Andy Garcia), a former CIA agent, who runs his own talk show on the radio, and pays him to fly to Ecuador, find Francisco Francis, and if he’s alive – bring him back, so he could reveal the true story behind civilian massacre in Ecuador.

Clearbec goes further, by hiring an assassin Tor (Kevin Durand), who is instructed to follow Morgan Swinton around, and kill her if she starts to behave suspiciously.

At the same time, Jack has his own reasons to save Francis, and what he doesn’t know is that the militia in Ecuador has already been informed on his arrival, and has added him to the list of people Clearbec wants dead.

While the film’s story takes place in Ecuador, the shoot was carried out in Dominican Republic.

“A Dark Truth” is an interesting, refreshing film, with a lot of familiar actors, that touches on the environmental issues.

Credit goes to director Damian Lee for putting such actors as Andy Garcia, Kim Coates, Al Sapienza, Forest Whitaker, Eva Longoria, Deborah Kara Unger, and Steven Bauer into one movie.

It can be assumed, that Damian Lee managed to get all of them for the film, because of the story.

Lee has been known for making highly entertaining movies ever since the 80s (Abrahas, Circle Man), and is mostly known for his 90s action movies with Jeff Wincott (The Killing Machine, Donor, No Exit, When the Bullet hits the bone).

He had his flops of course, and luckily, “A Dark Truth” is not one of them.

Very good all around acting from almost everyone, interesting characters, and dialogue. While some might argue that Garcia was miscast as the leading CIA agent, you get used to it, as the film develops.

So even if you don’t care much for the environmental issues, the film is still recommended for watching at least once.



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