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REVIEW: Armed and Deadly (2011)


Janis McKenzie (Lisa Varga) has had a tough childhood. Witnessing her brother Jamey (Ken Stellingwerf) kill their parents, has forever left a big scar on her.

Janis graduated the college, joined the army, and ended up in the deserts of the Middle East.

During a small reconnaisance mission in Kuwait in 1994, Janis and her fellow soldier get ambushed in a seemingly deserted area, by a group of masked men, and a shootout follows.

Janis manages to kill everyone, except for the leader – terrorist named Kadir. Heavily injured, Janis is placed into a hospital, under supervision of captain Ben Rogers (David Mackey), who is secretly in love with her.

Years later, Janis is a different person – working as a freelance photographer. Her assignments allow her to meet new people, make new friends, however, there’s a problem that she soon will have to deal with.

Her brother, Jamey, a convicted killer, is about to get released from prison, and exact revenge on his sister for sending him behind the bars many years ago.

With all this going on, Janis soon finds out that the terrorist from Kuwait, the very same Kadir, is in the U.S., with a new identity, and he wants to get his revenge as well.

Thus, our photographer has to recall her skills, and stay alert, not to fall victim to two crazed men, looking to kill her.

If you think that the poster for “Armed and Deadly” and what you’ve just read – do not really fit together you’d be probably right, as the poster is really misleading.

Janis here is not a female Rambo, as the cover wants you to believe, in fact, most of the film takes place outside of the “Middle East” that is shown on the poster.

While being presented as “action”, the film lacks about 90 percent of that action. Most of what we get here are unnecessary long talks.

Young director Andrzej Mrotek shows solid directing skills, however everything else pretty much sucks.

The actors seem to have been forced to work with silly dialogues, and throughout the film, the unnecessary dragging of “talking scenes” irritates the viewer.

Or to put it another way – it’s just plain unnatural.

The “Middle East scene”, aside from unnatural, looks ultra cheap, and for those who hope it gets better later – it doesn’t.

The story has enough holes, and the film basically lacks to offer anything for viewers to stick their teeth into. No action, silly dialogues, a pathetic “martial arts scene”, wrong poster, and a lot of unnatural drama.

If you’re looking for an action film with a strong female lead, “Armed and Deadly” is not armed and is not deadly. Try going for “In her Line of fire” instead.



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