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REVIEW: Assault on Wall Street (2013)


Year after year, a lot of people keep saying the same thing – Uwe Boll is a loser, he can’t make a good movie, he wastes actors in his films and so on.

Well, despite the fact that Boll does have some truly bad movies on his directing list, “Assault on Wall Street” is not on that list. No, it is not on that list.

The film tells a story of a security guard Jim Baxford (Dominic Purcell) – an average man, who, just like so many of us tries to take care of his sick wife, pay his bills and just live a normal life.

However Jim is living in hard times – the economy is crashing, bad investments are all over the place, and the future looks quite bleak. For Jim and his wife – it gets from bad to worse.

Soon Jim learns that all of his money that he invested are gone, he’s hardly paying for his wife’s medical bills, and it promises to get even worse.

Basically with each scene we’re forced to see Jim slowly being pushed to the limit – first he loses his investments, then he gets fired, then his wife commits suicide, and then he loses his house…

Being left with basically nothing, Jim finds himself a mission to fulfill – gear up and kill those on Wall Street, responsible for all his failures.

Whether it was for a paycheck or otherwise, Uwe Boll manages to attract viewers to “Assault on Wall Street” by two things.

First thing – the actors. Aside from Dominic Purcell, there’s Eric Roberts playing a lawyer, Lochlyn Munro playing a broker, John Heard, as well as Michael Pare, Keith David, Edward Furlong and even Clint Howard! The film is worth seeing for all these names alone.

Second thing is the story itself. Boll doesn’t present anything original here – there were a lot of people who have gone through tough economical times with financial crisis never really disappearing. However, the characters (namely Jim and his wife) make viewers care for them, and Purcell in particular does his part very well.

Towards the end, Jim turns into a cold-blooded killer that sees only one way to solve his problems – with violence. Not that everyone should support such option, but…what would you do, if you were Jim?

Don’t let the cover fool you – this is not a brainless action film, but more of a thriller with some action thrown in towards the end.

As already mentioned, Uwe Boll gets a thumbs up with “Assault on Wall Street”, which may scare some people off because it was “directed by Uwe Boll”, and yet it’s worth a watch at least once.



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