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REVIEW: Badass Showdown (2013)


Ivy Reed (Cynthia Rothrock) is a well-known fighting promoter, that has her hand on the best young fighters, and most profitable MMA prospects.

The film focuses on several newcomers, that will be staying at Ivy’s mansion, where they will be trained by a former fighter Jimmy (Josh Grieco), and within a week, Ivy will pick one of them, whom she will be signing a contract with.

All of the fighters who train at the mansion are different, having their own life stories and motives. Ivy believes she knows them all. However, as it turns out later…she doesn’t.

Director David DeCoteau is known mostly for two things: for casting young good-looking guys in his films, and for making awful movies. “Badass Showdown” is unfortunately both.

The film truly deserves to be called “the worst MMA themed film ever”, and “the gayest fighting film ever”.

No disrespect towards Cynthia Rothrock – a legendary, real-life fighter and one of the very few true female action stars – but this kind of addition to her film credits is really questionable. It can be assumed, that she made the film as a favor to DeCoteau.

Rothrock looks great, but doesn’t have any fighting scenes in the film, with all her part being cut down to cheesy dialogue and playing with her tablet.

Made for $1 million (according to IMDb), the film’s whole story takes place in a big mansion that looks like a mansion from 90’s porn movies.

The opening 10 minutes of the film have to be seen to be believed. We’re shown the same footage of bare chested guys showing off their “fighting skills” near the pool, while the retired fighter Jimmy walks around the house, opening doors, greeting fighters with same phrases (you’re late, your room is upstairs).

As in almost all of DeCoteau’s films – the director takes huge amounts of unnecessary scenes of fighters walking around with their shirts off, or showering.

In what other “fighting movie” have you seen more showering scenes than fighting scenes? Well, “Badass Showdown” is a win in this case – there are at least 5-6 naked guy washing scenes, and only two lousy fighting scenes in the whole film.

Awful, unrealistic sound effects and horrible directing of fight scenes should also be mentioned. Not that it means anything, but still.

A lousy twist at the end of the film doesn’t add anything positive to the whole picture, and mma film fans (as well as martial arts film fans) are advised to stay as away from this film as possible.

It could have been recommended if Cynthia Rothrock had at least one fight in the film, however since she doesn’t – the film remains what it is – “the worst MMA themed film ever”, and “the gayest fighting film ever”.



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