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REVIEW: Bail Enforcers (2011) + trailer

“Bail Enforcers” is an action movie about a trio of bounty hunters (Frank Zupancic, Trish Stratus and Boomer Williams), who frequently capture wanted persons, and get paid for it.

In the film, they’re called “Bail Enforcement Agency” – BEA. Anyway, one day, they get an interesting tip on a crime figure named Mario (Enrico DiFede), and decide to take him in, to get a fat reward.

Now, they’re being threatened by a mob boss Hal Lambino (Joe Rafla), who wants Mario for himself, so that he wouldn’t talk to the cops.

Bail enforcers now need to figure a new plan so they would get the cash, and no one would get killed. In the meantime, the mob boss already sent killers to go after them.

This is one funny action movie. In fact, as soon as I started watching it, I quickly thought of how good this might have been, if it was turned into some sort of tv-series, or even web-series. The characters in the movie could definitely be explored a lot more.

The whole “team” of bail enforcers consists of a buffed up former hockey player, who gets dumber as the film goes on, a wrestler, and some guy who couldn’t act to save his own life. I mean, this is as “B” as it can get.

Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus plays the only female on the bail enforcers team, and is definitely something to check out – she’s gorgeous, she handles her own fight scenes here, and reminds a lot of Pamela Anderson.

Pam might have bigger assets, but Stratus is explosive and can fight real good. Years of professional wrestling pay off.

As for everything else, like I already mentioned – its as “B” as it can get. Some of the dialogue is so dumb, it would put smile on your face.

Lead bail enforcer: “I have a plan. But I haven’t figured it out yet. Basically, we save Jules, Mario stays alive, and we take the money.”

My compliments to the writer. I mean, not only Frank Zupancic (who plays lead bail enforcer, Riley) can’t act one bit, making him say these lines is even more stupid. There are lots of stupid turns in the script (one as such is where mob boss arranges a meeting at his own secret warehouse… only an idiot would do that!), but since hardly anyone would take “Bail Enforcers” seriously, this is still a fun ride.

The film also has a behind-the-scenes video once the ending credits roll, so you’ll get some laughs from there as well.

There are plenty of fights (girl fights too!), shootouts, bad acting, cliche dialogue, and that’s all you might need for a good evening entertainment. Trish Stratus is hot, as you see for yourselves in the official trailer below.




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