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REVIEW: BattleGround (2011)

The plot of this action thriller is rather simple: a bunch of mercenaries are on the run, after a successful robbery. They end up in the woods, where they have to wait for the backup.

Little do they know that they are an uninvited quests on the “battleground”, as these woods belong to a lonely, crazy, trigger happy 60 year old vietnam war veteran, who will stop at nothing to get rid of the strangers. So, from there on, its 6-7 of armed men against one old warvet in the woods. Who will survive?

Now, before jumping to conclusions, I must say that one of the things I liked most about his film is that the leads are not heroes.

On one side we have robbers, on the other side we got this nutcase – a vietnam war vet who believes “the war is still going on” (in other words, Post traumatic Stress Disorder), and despite his age is still able to cause some serious damage.

The only protagonist on the whole “BattleGround” (another film title is “Skeleton Lake”, which in my opinion doesn’t fit anywhere near the film itself) is an innocent girl (who gets stuck in the woods after “the hunter” kills her boyfriend), and she doesn’t get enough of screen time. So, the problem is that you don’t really know whom to root for (I did root for the hunter).

Among the rest of the cast, there are also no familiar faces (at least to me, although I’ve seen a lot of movies). I did enjoy the “Vet’s” performance (by Hugh Lambe), and Bob Cymbalski’s, who played one of the robbers.

In fact, Cymbalski was so believable in his part, I caught myself thinking this guy probably had some military background.

Me, being a fan of vietnam war related movies, I enjoyed this little flick. There’s enough action, some good thrills and twists (especially the one at the end), and overall a very solid movie.

To sum this movie up: “BattleGround” is an aged Rambo gone nuts, in the woods”.


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