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REVIEW: BitterSweet (1999)

Sam (Angie Everhart) along with her lover Jed (Brian Wimmer) and friend Juliette (Francia Di Masse) have a mission to accomplish – get into the history museum and steal a priceless old violin. What Sam doesn’t know, is that aside from this violin, there is also money to be stolen.

When a confrontation occurs between Jed and Sam, Jed shoots Sam and escapes with the money. Sam is left on the floor, wounded… Some time later, Sam heals up, and is now looking for revenge.

She learns that her former boyfriend works for a crime boss Mr. Venti (Eric Roberts), and since Sam is not the scary type, she decides to get to Jed by all means.

So, that’s your little thriller that “BitterSweet” is. I have to give credit to Angie Everhart – she doesn’t have to get naked to carry on a movie, and she looks rock solid here.

Director/Actor Luca Bercovici uses almost every scene to showcase Everhart’s lead, and surprisingly one doesnt get tired of it.

Eric Roberts has a minor role as a crime boss, although he does have his share of scenes (like the one where he sits relaxed, drinks wine and watches a young naked girl playing on a huge violin).

James Russo has a supporting part as a cop who helps out Angie Everhart’s character along the way. I should also note Joe Penny (plays “Carl” in the film) who was really convincing portraying his character, he could have gone places.

I wouldn’t call “BitterSweet” an action movie, although Luca Bercovici has done action films before, and pretty good ones, I might add (“The Chain”), this is more of a revenge thriller with some action scenes thrown in, and some familliar faces.

If you’re an Angie Everhart fan, I would definitely recommend having this film in your collection. Oh yes, and Eric Roberts looks quite different with long hair…


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