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REVIEW: BlackBelt (1992)

Former cop Jack Dillon (Don Wilson) is hired to protect a singer (Deirdre Immershein) from a psycho serial killer who’s also a martial arts expert (Matthias Hues). That’s it, the whole plot in one sentence.

Now, in between we have lots of cheesy dialogue, lots of fights (most of which are badly staged), some nice 80s music,and even some incest! (well sort of).

Now, the cover of the film says its “the best martial arts cast ever assembled” blah blah blah, in reality we only have Don the Dragon Wilson (who undoubtedly is a great fighter, but as far as movies go, its just not his strong side), and Matthias Hues (who, up to this day is considered one of the kings of the B-action movies).

I am a big Matthias Hues fan , and i must say that he looks as good as always in this movie. Although, after watching his movies, in most of them its the same formula all over again – “bad guys lose, good guys win”. Plus the big, strong bad guys always get beaten by weaker opponents. Same happens in “BlackBelt”.

Seemingly indestructable Matthias Hues gets his @ss handed to him by Wilson. Nothing against “The Dragon”, but the fighting scenes could have been staged A LOT better. It’s entertainment afterall.

I actually expected more from this movie. I expected the villain to be something like Van Damme’s “Torch” in “The Reptilicant”. In Blackbelt we have a serial killer, who is after a singer who looks like his mother, who abused him when he was young.

Did I mention that he cuts of his finger just before the final fight (for no reason, but it reappears once the fight starts)? Worth watching for that alone!

Going in, there was a lot to be desired, even with such low-budget, and silly plot. And what we get here, is nothing but a nonsense.

If you’re a die-hard Don Wilson fan, or collect movies with Matthias Hues, then feel free to watch this one.

However, make no mistake, this is not “BloodFist” (Wilson’s), and certainly not “Talons of the Eagle” (Hues’). Brainless midnight entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.


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