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REVIEW: Blood Circus (2017)


By Tim Tal

“Blood Circus”… is exactly that. A circus. Not an “MMA movie” you’re expecting. Yes, there is blood, but mostly it’s just a circus. With bad clowns and a cheap arena.

The film circles around a former MMA fighter Sean (Jamie Nocher) who has a bad temper, constantly gets into fights, can’t establish a normal relationship with this ex-wife, and is just running downhill.

All of a sudden, he gets offered to fight in the “Blood Circus” – an online broadcasted deathfight, where only one fighter gets to live. Lured in for big money, Sean takes the bait, and soon finds himself fighting for his life, in “Blood Circus” run by mysterious Santos (Kevin Nash).

It doesn’t take long for Sean to realize what kind of trouble he has gotten himself into, and once he tries to get out, Santos kidnaps his child, and Sean will have to make things right the only way he knows how – with his fists.

One thing “Blood Circus” did right – the idea of having death fights “broadcasted online” – by doing so, you can have two shirtless guys bash each other’s brains out in an empty room, and claim “there are millions of people watching this online”. Smart, but cheap.

But it gets worse. The lead, Jamie Nocher, who plays the “former MMA champion” looks like anything but a fighter, let alone a mixed martial artist. The fights are surprisingly bad. Badly choreographed, badly shot, with mo real martial artists to speak of.

Tom Sizemore looks like he was just passing through town, and was offered a “cop” part in the film for some pocket change. It’s great to see Sizemore working in more and more films, but most of his recent parts add nothing to his film resume, and only serve as a marketing hook with his name on the poster.

Small parts by Chuck Zito and Vincent Pastore don’t help much either. Were they also just passing through town?

As for Kevin Nash, yes, the former WWE star Kevin Nash, who is remembered for his super-intense, brutal fight scene with Thomas Jane in “The Punisher”, here gets the “royal treatment” – he’s in just for a few scenes, doing mostly voice work, and of course he doesn’t have any “action scenes” to speak of. A perfect example of misused talent. On the other hand, Nash has a great voice – maybe he should consider doing more voiceover work.

To sum up the film – do yourself a favor, and don’t bother with this. “Blood Circus” is a very weak, unnecessary addition to the “MMA films” pool.


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