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REVIEW: Blood of Redemption (2013)

blood-of-redemption-2013Axel (Dolph Lundgren) is an aged, loyal bodyguard for the Grimaldi family, which is engaged in illegal gambling, identity theft business.

Head of the family, Serge Grimaldi (Robert Miano) has made a decision to halt his business, since local senator Roswald (Robert Storm) is not able to cover up for him anymore.

Despite the decision, Serge’s elder son Quinn (Billy Zane) wants to continue the family business, despite father’s disapproval. Meanwhile, Serge’s younger son Kurt (Gianni Capaldi) has just been recruited by the FBI.

At the same time, Hayden (Robert Davi), Serge’s long-time partner brings his nephew Campbell (Vinnie Jones) from Liverpool, to join the family business. From there on, everything starts crashing down like a house of cards.

Quinn makes a mistake during a deal, and gets arrested, while an unknown killer attacks Serge and kills him. Hayden and Campbell take over the business, while Axel plans his revenge on Serge’s killer, while Kurt, now an FBI agent, is on his tail. Meanwhile, Quinn gets released from prison, and has some plans of his own…

“Blood of Redemption” is another crime thriller from the “three-picture-deal” of Giorgio Serafini (director), Gianni Capaldi (actor, producer), Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones (actors). Capaldi has produced two other movies which star Jones, Lundgren and directed by Serafini – “Ambushed” and “A Certain Justice”.

In terms of budget – “Blood of Redemption” is not any different from “Ambushed”, meaning the film is quite mediocre in this department, and it shows.

Every known actor in the film is playing the character he’s played before (Lundgren – a strong, silent hero, Zane – someone you wouldn’t trust to feed your dog, and Jones – a tough as nails Brit), and therefore no surprises here. Everyone is simply earning their paychecks, with hardly any efforts.

Worst moments of “Blood of Redemption” have to be the action scenes, as they’re just plain awful. Kurt (Gianni Capaldi) is described as a boxer, yet somehow he knows martial arts as well. To describe Campbell (Vinnie Jones), we’re shown a lame scene of him beating down on some guy outside a bar. Even a fight scene where both Lundgren and Jones are fighting off bad guys could’ve been done better.

Just like “Ambushed”, this Giorgio Serafini film is not really action, but rather a crime thriller, which, despite having a lot of well known actors, doesn’t evoke any emotions – everything is cliche, slow, and action is awful, as described before.

It really is a shame that such a solid cast was basically wasted on an empty film, which, again, lacks budget and better action.

Yet, if you liked “Ambushed” and want more of the same, feel free to check out “Blood of Redemption”. Just don’t expect anything special.



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