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REVIEW: Born to Race (2011) + trailer

“Born to Race” is a story about a young, rebellious racer Danny Krueger (Joseph Cross), who can’t seem to keep his temper under control. Another problem is his obsession with high speed and drag racing.

After he screws up, and gets caught participating in an illegal street race, his mom sends him away to live with his father Frank (John Pyper-Ferguson), a washed up professional racer.

At first, Danny hates the fact that he has to live under one roof with someone who abandoned his family long time ago.

However, when Danny decides to enter the NHRA High School Drag Racing Championship, his father seems like the only one who can help him to prepare for the races and an opportunity to take down the local hot shot.

This movie reminded me a lot of “Fists of Iron” – a martial arts movie made back in 1995, starring Michael Worth and Matthias Hues.

Similar things in these movies is the story line, and the only difference is that in “Fists…” we had martial arts, and in “Born to Race” we have drag racing. Same old story: young kid prepares for the final fight (race) to take down a champion (best local driver), and sees some help from washed up, former champions (his father, ex professional racer).

And, as much as I did like “Fists of Iron”, I also loved “Born to Race”. The film really doesn’t offer anything new, but the characters are likable (especially veteran actor John Pyper-Ferguson, whom I personally remember from his battles with Mark Dacascos in “Drive”).

Even that I am not much of a car fan, there are some great racing scenes, and even a love backstory (yeah, Danny also gets to fall in love with a beautiful girl).

Another veteran actor Matt McCoy gets a bit part here as Danny’s step father in the beginning of the movie.

To sum it up, if you like racing movies and you’re a car fan, give this one a look. This is no “Fast and Furious”, but limited budget doesn’t really kill the movie, as its totally watchable. Yes, cliches all over the place, but in this case they don’t frustrate.

By the way: The director of the film, Alex Ranarivelo made this movie based on his own experiences as a street racer (the man was a 18 time NHRA champion), so I suppose he knows the subject well. If you’re still thinking whether to watch the film or not, below is a teaser-trailer for you.



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  1. Trailer looks good. I think i will check it out.

  2. While the fast and the furious has nicer looking cars and effects in the movie, only the first movie is about street racing, in the other movies it’s a lot about other things and less about the cars (except 1 and tokyo drift)

    This movie however has streetracing all over it and in a more realistic style then the fast and the furious. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie as i didn’t expected much of it. The races are filmed well, storyline is indeed a bit cliche but as you also said the characters are likable.

  3. Yes, that, again, must be due to the fact that the director of the film was a street racer himself, so he knows a thing or two about how its done.

  4. It is not bad movie, but my favorite is the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious.

  5. Depends on a taste and expectations, I guess.

  6. The movie is almost as close a real depiction of street racing and drag racing as they come. The crew that worked on it (Ranarivelo as a former streetracer and 18fold NHRA champ and Ali Afshar in cameo and as a special consultant/Subaru racing team owner) gave it all the more real feel due to all the gearhead high-tech car lingo that I as a car buff personally just delved on for days on. The knowledge on cars,the realism,the physique of the cars handling sharp,sometimes even almost hairpin,turns…pure car porn/perfection. And the engine sounds through the entire RPM range matched literally flawlessly.
    Not a subjective review,just honest facts.

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