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REVIEW: Born to Ride (2011)

The film starts off with our lead hero Mike Callahan (Casper Van Dien) gives an interview to some news channel, while on the set of a movie. Callahan is a biker, as we get to learn along the way, and the interviewer wants to know how Callahan managed to expose a dirty Senator Clayton, and become a local hero. So, Callahan tells the story…

And the story itself, well does not make much sense to be honest. Callahan and his friend Alex (Patrick Muldoon) are both bikers (a viewer would hardly believe in that) get into trouble when they get mixed up in a blackmail plot with U.S. senator Clayton and a crime boss Jack Steele (William Forsythe).

Somewhere in the middle, Callahan finds out that his father did not really die in Vietnam (as his mom, played by Theresa Russell told him), and that he was also a biker.

Anyway, some low-life crooks try to blackmail the senator and get away with Jack Steele’s money, which doesnt work of course, as they both end up dead. Callahan and Alex (who were connected to one of the crooks) encounter even bigger problems when Steele finds out, and send his goon Dino (Branscombe Richmond) after the bikers.

In the middle we have some drama, some drunken biker bar fights, some nudity, and some humor as well.

To be honest, while watching this, I felt the story of the film was undeveloped and the plot got lost somewhere along the way, as there are some clear gaps in the story, which is almost impossible to follow. On the other hand, if you do not really care for the plot, you can relax and watch this for the actors.

William Forsythe tries his best to act tough, and in this movie he actually fails. Casper Van Dien and Patrick Muldoon are well known actors, but come on, they do not look/act like bikers at all (Van Dien is clearly no easy rider…).

Branscombe Richmond is a veteran actor and a very popular singer – plays a comical villain here, and surprisingly does a great job. Although his character is supposed to be evil, he often gets into some amusing and funny situations throughout the movie (watch out for the scene in the desert, with the indians). Theresa Russell has a minor role as Mike Callahan’s mother.

Other than that, the movie is passable, and does not deliver the amount of action that is necessary to keep the viewers glued to the screen. Oh yes, the DVD cover is very misleading.


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