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REVIEW: Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011)

If you’re reading this, then there’s probably no point of explaining who Bruce Campbell is. The man is a legend in his own right, a face familliar to tens of thousands of b-movie fanatics around the world.

For the last couple of years, Campbell has been busy doing some interesting projects, which however gave him very limited screen time. I never wanted to list Campbell as “one of those has beens”, and all of a sudden “The Fall of Sam Axe” came along.

I’ll have to say in advance, that I have NOT seen the TV Series “Burn Notice”, in which Bruce also plays Commander Sam Axe, so the following review of mine is based only on the movie itself.

From the very start we get to have a few laughs, as Sam Axe (Campbell) is a war vet, who has been pleasuring the wife of the superior officer, and now is paying the price.

As the story develops, we get it backwards, as Commander Axe tells us (and the officers who interrogate him) how it went down.

So, after he got caught “with his pants down”, Axe is being sent on a mission to Columbia, to neutralize a group of some rebels, with the help of local soldiers.

As usual, it all turns out to be entirely opposite, as Axe ends up on the other side, starts a small war, gets into all kids of troubles, and yes, even gets to kiss the beautiful girl-doctor in the end.

Now, without spoiling the rest of the details, I can say that even if you are not following the “Burn Notice” series, you can absolutely watch this movie, as its so good, that it can perfectly stand on its own.

Campbell proves (again) that he can handle the lead role very well, and the action scenes (which are shot very well) packed with some great funny lines of dialogue make this one hell of a funny ride.

Definitely recommended, give this one a look if you get a chance – Commander Axe is not Ash from the “Evil Dead” series, but he’s close.

And that counts for something. By the way there’s one reference to the “Evil Dead” in the film, I won’t be spoiling it here – just watch the whole movie.


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