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REVIEW: Bushwick (2017)


By Tim Tal

“Bushwick” is an example of how a modern-day civil war can unfold right outside your door. In your own neighborhood. In your city. What will you do?

That’s how “Bushwick”, starring former WWE star Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow begins.

Lucy (Snow) is thrown into a nightmare when her fiance is brutally killed right on the streets of Bushwick (neighborhood in New York City), as the “takeover” begins.

People, both armed and unarmed, are running in the streets, shooting one another, as Lucy runs for her life, still trying to figure out what is going on. She soon accidentally ends up in the home of former soldier, scary-looking Stupe (Bautista), who helps her fight off some street thugs.

Forming an unlikely bond with Stupe, Lucy looks to get to safety, running through streets full of chaos, mindless violence and despair, where every shot can end a life in an instant.

The thing that amazes the most about “Bushwick” is the style of directing. There are basically no cuts between the scenes.

Pretty much the entire movie, we follow Lucy, and then Stupe, through homes, streets, and so on. It may sound too cliche, but this trick adds enough of realism to the overall action on screen.

The story of the film is simple. A real civil war unfolds in the US, and New York’s Bushwick is chosen as an example of how residents of a small neighborhood try to survive the sudden assault.

It should be noted that Bushwick is a working-class neighborhood in the northern part of the New York City borough of Brooklyn. What’s more interesting is that according to Wikipedia, Bushwick was once an independent town and has undergone various territorial changes throughout its history.

In any case, the film might seem like a low-budget effort to exploit Dave Bautista’s growing star power (who also produced the film), but the characters are vivid enough to make you want to root for them, and the situation itself just makes you think: what would you do, if there is civil war in your country tomorrow?


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