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REVIEW: Carjacked (2011) + trailer

“Carjacked” starts off with Lorraine (Maria Bello) attending these psychiatry courses, where she speaks about her life, how her military husband divorced her, how she struggles to earn money and keep her little son happy.

From how she speaks, we see she’s a weak person, yet tries very hard not to lose the only thing she’s got left – her son Chad.

Right after the courses, her son asks for a pizza, and again, Lorraine, not having enough money for a real pizza, stops by a gas station to buy her son these cheap frozen pizzas. And that’s where it all gets worse…

Lorraine and her son get carjacked by a robber named Roy (Stephen Dorff), who threatens them with a gun, and asks Lorraine to take him to his destination point, where he can collect his money. So, the road journey begins…

At first, Roy tries to be good to Lorraine, and even seems to like her and Chad as well. Yet, along the way things go wrong, and Lorraine gets to learn a valuable lesson – sometimes, some things are worth fighting for, despite risks.

Acting is great, I once again was convinced that Stephen Dorff can carry a film on his own, if he’s given good material to work with.

As for Maria Bello, I never really cared for her, but she’s good, and delivers a solid performance as well.

Honestly, I expected the film to end differently, but that would have been too easy. For what it is – a very solid road thriller, with good acting and a few interesting scenes.

Recommended, and make sure you check out the official trailer below.



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  1. I enjoyed this. Didn’t know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised.

  2. same here

  3. Watching Lorraine moan and groan throughout the entire movie was akin to nails on a chalk board. After finally getting free from her kidnapper, the audience is asked to endure 15 minutes of Lorraine trying to borrow change for the phone booth instead of contacting police. painful to say the least. terrible acting by all parties especially the little boy.

  4. I am madley in love with Bello. She is the best thing since sliced bread. Glad to see that he friend Kieffer put her on ” Touch ” 2nd comes Amy Acker. She was great on Person of Interest. Her husband was on eps. 3 of the show.

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