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REVIEW: Caught Inside (2010) + trailer

This is one of those stories that can occur to anyone, when going on a trip with friends, especially if it’s a boat trip.

Surfer Bull (Ben Oxenbould) has invited his buddies to a vacation yacht-trip headed for the Maldive Islands, where Bull knows some unknown surf spots for the guys to ride some waves.

There’s a problem though: Bull and his friends have traveled before, yet this time it is different, as one of Bull’s friends Toobs (Simon Lyndon) brings his girlfriend Alex (Leeana Walsman) along, and Alex in turn brings her friend Sam (Daisy Betts).

Bull does not like extra people, yet soon he finds himself attracted to Sam, who seems to like Rob (Sam Lyndon), one of Bull’s buddies.

Rob favors the slow, soft approach, while Bull, being more aggressive tries to force himself upon Sam, and it leads to a standoff between him and the rest of the passengers.

When Bull sees his own friends turn against him to protect Sam, he completely loses it, and soon the whole yacht crew find themselves in a standoff with an enraged psychopath, on a boat, where there’s no way to run.

“Caught Inside” was reportedly the first feature film for director Adam Blaiklock, who manages to keep the audience awake, without using any action, gore, or computer effects.

So, credit to Blaiklock – no flaws regarding directing, as it is steady, detailed and greatly exposes both characters and beautiful locations.

Made on a tiny budget of approximately $886,000 – “Caught Inside” shows us quite vividly what a fragile thing friendship is, that is ruined within hours because of irresistible primal wishes.

Here, the budget works perfectly as most of the time the action takes place either on a yacht, or on the island, which itself is very money saving. Another great trick here is to use actors to their maximum potential, as they sometimes can be the cheapest special effects you can get.

Speaking of acting, Ben Oxenbould (plays Bull), whom I have never heard of before, wonderfully portrays a really unbalanced, violent character that would probably scare anyone. The tagline says it right: Anyone is a weapon if you twist them right.

Oxenbould’s Bull balances between a laid-back, harmonica playing surfer and an explosive, violent, sadistic rapist that refuses to control his actions and emotions. His performance carries the film forward, not letting it go until the very end.

The film starts off quite slowly, and like a sailing ship that gets caught in a storm, it starts to gather tension as the story develops.

As previously noticed, the film pays great deal of attention to the relationships between the characters, and exposes their fragile nature. At the beginning of the film they all seem the same – smiling, happy, looking forward to a great adventure at sea.

Later, when one of them goes completely nuts, the rest turn into complete victims that are unable to handle pressure, as fear eats them up from the inside.

So, if you can handle the accents, this low-budget thriller is definitely recommended for watching at least once. The cliche story is easy to follow, and it is backed up by very solid acting and great locations.




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