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REVIEW: Cobra Mission (1986)

Plot: It’s the late 80s, the war in Vietnam has ended. Or has it? Apparently, for some people it has not. Our heroes are 4 ex-marines, that can’t seem to find their places in life. Roger (Christopher Connely) is a married man, and is about to witness the marriage of his daughter, but he doesn’t seem to care much.

Mark (Manfred Lehmann) just quit his job at the roadside tavern in Arizona. James (John Steiner) is unemployed, and has to exchage his vietnam medals for a suit to wear for Roger daughter’s wedding. And Richard (Oliver Tobias) is…a patient at the local mental hospital.

There are rumors floating around about some american POWs being left in vietnam camps. So, since vietnam jungles is the only place our ex-soldiers fit in, they decide to return to vietnam, and to liberate american soldiers that are (supposedly) being kept in concentration camps in vietnam…Little do they know, that those POWs are being kept there for a reason. A deadly reason.

This italian “vietnam jungle war flick” is filled with familiar b-movie actors such as Christopher Connelly, Oliver Tobias, Manfred Lehmann and John Steiner. For Steiner this is a rare part as a hero, as he mostly portrayed villains on screen. Donald Pleasence settles for a minor part as a priest here, who helps out our soldiers in vietnam.

I should also mention popular Italian director Enzo G. Castellari, who, surprisingly appears here as an actor, playing retired Major Morris, who gives our heroes the important info on the captured americans in vietnam. From there on, its all action…

And, as far as action goes, some of the scenes here really made me mad. Talking of low-budget, one should at least get enough blood to spill it over vietcongs, so that when a hero stands tall, and starts shooting at 10-15 of these enemy soldiers with his gun, they would at least have some blood wounds, and not just fall down as IF they were shot.

There are couple of these moments in the film, and sadly, camera manages to capture them vividly, so you get to see these “production holes”.

Other than that, its “Missing in Action” all over again. Instead of Chuck Norris, we have 4 other people. The ending though is a lot better than the one Norris film had.

This one actually made me feel sorry for these poor soldiers. If you’re a fan of vietnam war movies, you can give this one a try, just don’t set your expectations too high – after all, this is a low-budget italian war film.

Another sad thing is that almost all of the actors in this movie are dead in real life (Gordon Mitchell, Christopher Connelly, Donald Pleasence).


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