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REVIEW: Code of Honor (2016)


Before going deep into the review of “Code of Honor”, one thing must be said: this is the most watchable Steven Seagal movie in the last 4-5 years. Now, let’s dig in deeper.

Colonel Robert Sikes (Seagal) is on a patriotic mission to clean up his city from all kinds of scumbags, ranging from simple pimps to drug dealers. Since Sikes is a former military man, who shoots without a miss, knows hand-to-hand combat and can move around without being noticed, he’s thought of as a “super vigilante” whom police cannot catch.

Detective Peterson (Louis Mandylor) is totally clueless on how to find Sikes, but should he really worry? Sikes is flawlessly cleaning up the city, leaving the police with less things to worry about.

Meanwhile, a mysterious FBI Agent William Porter (Craig Sheffer) appears, who claims to know Sikes, saying he served with him and has been trained just like him. Porter soon gets involved and seems to have his own interests in finding Sikes, who relentlessly continues his assault on crime.

Soon, Sikes’ actions fall under the radar of a local crime boss Romano (James Russo), who orders his goons to find Sikes, along with the only witness, who claims to have seen Sikes. The city is about to witness a bloody finale from several sides, each of which have their own interests.

As previously mentioned, “Code of Honor” is a surprising step-up for Steven Seagal, after hitting a new low with “Sniper:Special Ops”.

While “Code of Honor” is a Steven Seagal movie, this time the ageing action star is backed by a solid supporting cast, which includes James Russo, Louis Mandylor and Craig Sheffer. All of the mentioned do not have bit parts, and actually drive the film forward.

The biggest flaw of “Code of Honor”? Let’s just say there is not much of honor in making all the gunshot wounds in CGI. Yes, this is a Steven Seagal movie, there’s lot of action, shootouts, explosions and so on. But almost every gunshot wound is CGI-made. That becomes annoying within the first 15 minutes of the film.

Overall – this Seagal vehicle is worth checking out. Here are 7 interesting facts about “Code of Honor” that you should know about. Do not expect anything original from the story, however the ending of “Code of Honor” may be surprising even for Steven Seagal fans.


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